Léa Seydoux - Prada Candy Florale Perfume - 2014

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Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy Florale

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Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy Florale by Steven Meisel



En Pointe!


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I’ve always admired ballerinas for their physical strength and endurance, in addition to their unparalleled beauty. Here’s the evidence.

Sunflowers - Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustave Klimt & Gustave Caillebotte


Aleksandr Petrov

'The Old Man and the Sea', 1999

Pastel oil paint on glass animation.

It took Petrov over 2 years to paint the 29,000 frames.

By using his fingertips instead of a paintbrush on different glass sheets positioned on a multiple levels (Multi-plane) he was able to add depth to his paintings.

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Lucia Lacarra and Cyril Pierre in The Lady of the Camellias


Helena Almeida

Léa Seydoux / same expression

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Milton H. Greene on the set of War and Peace, 1955.

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